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Rethinking a new future. 

I remember how surreal it was driving from Regina to Winnipeg to start a new contract. Over that 5 hours, life as we knew it stopped. By the time I got to Winnipeg, the streets were deserted.  I remember looking for an apartment, and was not able to see any. I learned that my own business in Regina was closed by the government. Lock downs all over the world were in effect to contain the pandemic. By the end of the week, I was on my way home to work, for what I thought would be two weeks. That two weeks is now two years.  

COVID19 has shone the light on the cracks.  But has Leonard Cohen wrote, "there's a crack . . . that's how the light gets in." 


It has placed the most vulnerable at risk in our communities. There are casualties, from people to livelihoods and eventual economic collapse.  

The wheels of the COVID machine are in motion, but literally it is happening in real time, informed by each step we take, collectively and individually.

RESET is an acronym that stands for renew, energize, strategy and support, empower and transform. 


I created RESET to establish and apply a process to my own buisness, beginning with a clear and objective understanding of understanding and managing the risk in the reality of the moment.  I developed a working model to manage and move forward, one step at a time. My business is still surviving two years later.  Now it's time to rebuild and rethink th future, because we have changed.  We will never be the same.  And that's OK. Having a path forward is the most important thing to do, and to be flexible in adjusting the a new world. 


Ask about my process.  

  1. Reimagine the future.

  2. Engage with thought leaders, customers and those impact in a fact based thinking process to understand possible scenarios and the implications of those scenarios, and choose the option.

  3. Strategy development based on the most viable future state. 

  4. Execute the choices. 

  5. Take it to the streets.

Lynn Larson Armstrong
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