COVID19 isolation has been a time of reflection.  It has placed the most vulnerable at risk in our communities. There are casualties, from people to livelihoods and eventual economic collapse.

The wheels of the COVID machine are in motion, but literally it is happening in real time, informed by each step we take, collectively and individually.

The strategic objective of the RESET is an acronym that stands for renew, energize, strategy and support, empower and transform. 


The purpose of the RESET process is to set again the way forward and to renew. Models will be developed in lockstep using the following framework:

  1. Reimagine the future.

  2. Engage with thought leaders, customers and those impact in a fact based thinking process to understand possible scenarios and the implications of those scenarios, and choose the option.

  3. Strategy development based on the most viable future state. 

  4. Execute the choices. 

  5. Take it to the streets.