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Two Reasons to Act Local

Yesterday @audacityqr opened up the story space to us to share a perspective on what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Audacity YQR is a new initiative by Economic Development Regina to encourage entrepreneurship. “Audacity YQR is about celebrating new, established, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s a movement to encourage people to be bold and take the leap to become an entrepreneur, while we create a support system to better prepare them for future challenges.

Audacity YQR promotes and supports the messaging that Regina is – without a doubt – an entrepreneurial city, and we need to showcase and recognize the important contributions that entrepreneurs make to the economic, creative and social fabric of our city.”

Late in the day - mid story - my daughter dropped off my grandsons at the shop so she could go to work. The boys played hide and seek with my husband and high-fived their great hiding places.

As an entrepreneur one of the upsides is the ability to share the business with family and to have the flexibility to help each other.

But this week we also learned something about how the online economy is affecting local entrepreneurs like us particularly in retail.

There are a lot of reasons online shopping is a choice - literally there is an infinite choice of products, you can have whatever you want any time day or night with no personal commitment required. It seems like an impersonal transaction but it has very real consequences.

There are equally as many or more reasons to shop local. The choices are curated. The experience is personal. The money literally fuels the local economy. It does have a direct impact on real things that make our city not just a place to live but a liveable place - from food to healthcare.

These are two of my reasons to keep it local.

Thank you for the opportunity @audacityqr @zoesshoes_shop

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