Philosophy: It's my life. 

Lynear Thinking first came to life in 1996 when I was asked to create and deliver a blue sky presentation.  I shared a vision of the place that I would create it were in my power to do so - as if my destiny was in my hands.  I shared a vision where CEO meant "creative, entrepreneurial and optimisitic," and that there was no such thing as the word - no - only how. I shared the story of Erik Weihenmayer, the remarkable adventurer who overcame a personal challenge of blindness to conquer some of the most dangerous places on Earth, including Mount Everest. I said in this place leadership did not belong to the person in authority, but to the person who could lead through inspiration.  At the end, I titled the presentation, "Lynear Thinking." I presented it with track, "It's my life" by Bon Jovi.


What's your favourite song?