Corporate (1996-2011)

Upon graduating from the School of Journalism and Communication from the Univesity of Regina in 1996, I loved the art of story telling, but I wanted to understand how the story began in the first place.  I pursued a career in the world of corporate communications in a national crown corporation. There I would write award winning annual reports and corporate plans and strategies. I developed an appreciation for leadership and the importance of good governance.  

Looking for more management experience, I  joined Credit Union Central of Saskatchewan, as manager of corporate planning where I was immersed in working with the executive and senior management team through various strategies including mergers, joint ventures, and restructuring. I developed the CUC's first balanced scorecard management system and business line strategy process as well as the Corporate Services "Client Service Agreement" process. In 2008 I joined the senior leadership team of a provincial government Crown Corporation as the Director of Business Planning and Risk Management.  

Over a three year period, I lead the implementation of the corporate performance mangement program, the integration of the balanced scorecard and reporting systems, risk management policy and operational framework.  I was appointed to an executive role during a time of transiton, leading the corporate communications, giving and policy areas in addition to business planning and risk management.

Early life & education 

A quasi city / country girl, I was born and raised in the land under the sun (that's Saskatchewan, Canada). I grew up in the 60's - 70's, which was probably the last simple time ever to be.  Our phones hung on the wall, and our parents had jobs for life.  We walked to school and played outside at night until the street lights came on. I would spend holidays at my grandparents' farm near Westbend, Saskatchewan, where I learned to take eggs from chickens without getting my hand pecked, not to chase turkeys, and that pigs are the cleanest animal on the farm. I know the difference between wheat and barley, and canola and mustard.  I thought everyone had a farm.

My city grandmother was a traveller and and writer. She would come and visit, always dressed in the latest outfit.  My grandmother was a  pioneer of a different type, as the first woman to serve on a school board in Saskatchewan. She and my grandfather owned a beauty salon, which explains why she always had the best hair.  Later in life, my grandmother would paint and write.  

I grew up, finished highschool and married the boy from the high school down the street.  (We are still married 34 years later and we have two grown daughters and a grandbaby.)  In my early 20's, I tried on several careers including selling financial plans, retail and office administration.  But I was driven by providing not only a life for my daughters, but also an example for them.  I enrolled in University to become a writer.  I graduated with a bachelor's degree with a major in Englsh, and a journalism degree. 

Sitting on the stage at convocation, I pondered my goals for the coming years. Not knowing what I was good at, I set a goal of making $50,000 a year in five years.  A federal crown corporation female executive  took at chance on me in her communications department.  The local newspaper hired me as a weekend reporter where I learned the art of chasing storms, story telling and news writing. My corporate career evolved successfully over the next 20+ years. I continued to be a freelance writer over the next 20 years of my corporate career, expecting that someday I would return to my first love of journalism and story telling.


In 2009, I became a founding member of the George Reed Foundation.  I have served on the Family Services Regina Board as well as Regina Art Gallery Board of Director.  I also dedicate a percentage of each issue of SKY Magazine to topics related to health and wellness, charitable giving or supporting a fellow entrepreneur doing good things for the community. 

Throughout my years in the corporate realm, I pursued the idea of 'work life balance' but she never attained it because it was never work-life-balance that I was looking for. It was balance-life-work." 

Fitness is an important priority in my life, and when I want to do something, I make a job out of it.  In 2010, I became certified in Group Centergy a program offered at Gold's Gym (which literally saved my life) and in 2013, I became certified as a  yoga teacher after a 300 hour intensive program at Bodhi Tree Yoga in Regina.